vineri, 25 octombrie 2013

"Champion" Quotes

Mai sunt doua saptamani pana la lansarea ultimei carti dintr-o alta trilogie pe care o indragesc, si anume Legend. Si va anunt inca de pe acum ca nu am terminat inca Allegiant. Sunt cam pe la jumatate si sper ca in aceasta seara sa o termin, asta daca nu vin de la liceu moarta de oboseala (desi asa am venit si zilele trecute si acest lucru nu m-a impiedicat sa citesc macar cateva pagini).

Revenind la Champion, va voi lasa mai jos cateva citate din aceasta carte. 

“Inside that smile, I think I see glimpses of a different man who once existed.”
"What makes you think they’re so loyal to the Republic?"

"Let me lead them," I say. "And you’ll get your loyalty." 
“After months of political bargaining, after days of war and death, I am starting to suspect everything and everyone.” 
“It’s been almost a year. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just move on?”
"What’s this?"

"A butter knife."

Day scowls at it, running a finger along its rounded edge. “This,” he mutters, “is not a knife.” 
“I shoot her a quick smile. “Have some faith, sweetheart. The people love me.” 
“I feel sorry for you," I say quietly. "Because you’re so weak.”
Cele cu albastru sunt din perspectiva lui Day, cele cu mov din perspectiva lui June si cea cu verde cred ca tot din perspectiva lui June, insa nu sunt 100% sigura (nu s-ar fi anuntat ca ar fi mai mult de doua perspective, insa am lasat asa).

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