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The Keeper's Curse GIVEAWAY

Book Title: The Keeper's Curse
Author: Diana Harrison
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

After fifteen-year-old Emmy Rathers unintentionally summons a strange
glowing cloud during a break-in, her mother rips her from her home,
her father, and her world, forever.

When she lands in the rustic, militant land of Methelwood, she is told
she's a crafter - a person who can perform magic by conjuring souls of
the dead. But starting life over normally in the midst of grieving for
the life she has left behind, while at the same time attempting to fit
in in her new war-obsessed school, becomes impossible when she begins
to hear a voice in her head. Complicating the matter further is the
fact that the voice belongs to a boy at school named Breckin, who just
also happens to be the most powerful crafter in the world, and the
future ruler of Methelwood.

But that's not the worst part - suddenly Breckin's most hostile
adversary is coming out of the shadows and trying to kill her. With no
other choice, Emmy must travel deeper into this bizarre, dark world
she is so unfamiliar with to find out why this is happening to her,
and more importantly, how to stay alive.

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Open Internationally
Winning entrees will be verified.
Thirty people will win ebook copies of The Keeper's Curse.
Winners must respond to a congratulatory e-mail within 48 hours of
receiving it or new winners will be chosen.
Once winners have been confirmed, Author Diana Harrison will supply
their copies.

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