duminică, 28 iulie 2013

ARC August

So I just found out about this challenge and it really was interesting because I do have a few review copies that I hope (wish) to finish by the end of the summer holiday. I don't really want to start school and think "Hey, I need to read those books" because it'll be pretty hard to read them and try to be on track at school (it takes me a lot to read a book that hasn't something to do with school because all my teachers are like "You need to study for my class!", even if my profile isn't based on their stupid class). 

So how many book do I have to review?
Don't laugh at me but I have only 4 books. Yes, you read it well. Only 4. But in August I was also planing on reading for school (because I was lazy and didn't read anything for school until now) and I'm also going with my family on holiday so thinking about it, at least in my opinion, those are a few books. 

So, yep. For this challenge I'm planing on reading from 2 to all 4 books.

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  1. Anonim20:11

    With school and vacation coming up 4 is more than a lot of review books! So good luck and thanks for signing up!

    -Octavia of Read. Sleep. Repeat.


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