vineri, 29 martie 2013

What's Left of Us

A year ago their lives were changed forever. Calla Jensen, a college freshman at University of Alabama, can’t move on. She doesn't deserve it. But time doesn't stop for anybody, and no matter how much she fights it, making new friends and leaving her past behind is inevitable.

When her roommate makes her go to her first college party, she doesn't expect to come face to face with the person whose life she almost ruined. Old wounds open up and together they must come to terms with the events that led to three best friends being torn apart forever.

But Calla has a secret, and it could destroy the fragile ties she is slowly building back with the people she loves.

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  1. Tot timpul m-au atras caertile in engleza, deoarece vreau sa stiu la perfectie si......daca ma fac medic si plec in alta tara va trebui sa stiu. Sunt hiper entuziasmata.


Suntem nerabdatoare sa va citim parerile! :)