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My EVERYTHING Blog Tour - Review

Welcome back to My Everything Blog Tour. Last time you came to know Josie and Liam but this time you'll fall in love with two more amazing characters, Nick and Audrey.
But first of all, I'll let you know where to buy these amazing books and where you could find this amazing author, because without her we wouldn't have this lovely love story (sounded strange, right?)

You can find Heidi McLaughlin at the above sites:

You can buy her books:

I'm just going to post my review that I posted on Goodreads, again.


Have you ever thought that life hasn't been fair with you? Have you ever been thinking that the one you loved was actually your true love? Have you suffered from that love? Well, life hasn't been fair with Nick when he saw Josie. From the evry first moment he laid eyes upon her he thought that she was his only true love and when her heart was broken, he was there for her and Noah. He loved both of them with all their heart till he got heartbroken.
Now, life has given Nick a second chance. A second chance after so many eyars of patience. When he moved from Beaumont, he found his love right in front of him.
During his staying in Africa, he met Audrey, a beautiful and smar young woman who he fell in love with. As time flew by, thir relationship develop and by the end of his year in Africa the two got married and moved back to Beaumont.
But in Beaumont Nick has to see the people with who he has to get over, as Josie and Liam. When meeting Josie after a whole year, he doesn't know what to do. But Audrey is right there for him to help him. Even if the two couple's relationship isn't pretty good, the four adults try to make everything good for Noah's sake.
Nock tries to make up for the time he spent away from Noah, and I think that is so cute, because who would like to spend time with his/her ex's child?
I'm so sorry now that I didn't like Nick at the beginning, but now I am super happy that I got the chance to finally understand who he was. During this book we "see" more moments between him and Josie and we start to understand his pain, a one sided love.

How I said, I'm really glad I had the chance to read this amazing books. And I'm glad I read more about Nick, because my first impression about him wasn't a good one.

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  1. Amazing author? nu stiu de ce ,dar sunt indragostita de expresiile cu amazing...poate chiar e asa cum zici(amazing).
    Pare faina. Ma uimeste ca actiunea se petrece in africa, dar in rest pare OK.

  2. Great! :) Intotdeauna mi-a placut sa citesc postari in engleza si cand le intalnesc pe site'uri romanesti nu ma pot abtine sa nu le "devorez" :)



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